Will you write my news/reviews/event coverage/any other content?

Almost certainly, providing I have enough time.  Get in touch for a set quote for your project.

How much do you charge?

This depends on what sort of help you need. I’d prefer to quote per-project, rather than per day or per hour, as it provides better value for you.

Will you pitch my product to other journalists you know, or x at publication x?

No. But I will help you craft those pitches and create a strategy for approaching media.

We’re a bit lost with branding and ‘story’, can you help?

Absolutely. Half the battle for any brand is finding the most interesting parts of their story to present to the media. I can find that story and help shape it for you.

Will you review my product impartially for our own internal use only?

Yes, but you can’t publish it, sell it, or transfer ownership of the review.

Are you available at short notice?

I’ll always try and accommodate last-minute requests wherever possible.Don’t be offended if I don’t have time, I don’t agree to work I can’t deliver at the best possible level.

Can we hire you full-time?

Not unless you’ve got a really exciting project and an offer I couldn’t say no to.